Thursday, October 30, 2008

Karaoke Cab Rides

Okay, I have heard it all. Starting next month anyone needing a cab in San Fransico and is willing to sing karaoke style can have that cab ride free.
According to Memorex's Karaoke Cab, the cab will be outfitted with the SingStand Microphone Speaker Cab, and they'll get the ride for free!
Memorex is taking the show on the road in six colorfully wrapped Karaoke Speaker System, an interactive Karaoke system that lets you sing along to music in your iPod(R) or any other
digital audio player.
Throughout the month of November, be on the lookout for the Memorex Karaoke Cab at designated San Francisco hot spots. The Karaoke Cab will drive you to your destination
while you act out your rock star fantasies using the Memorex SingStand. Star in your own show or get as many a three friends or family to join in on the act. Agree to let Memorex videotape the experience, and your ride is free. Then show off by sending a highlight video of your
performance, posted on

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Virtual schooling works

A new report states that virtual schooling and online mentoring helps students.
The North American Council for Online Learning (NACOL) released the new report, Online Teacher Support Programs: Mentoring and Coaching Models, at the annual Virtual School Symposium today.

The research report studies teacher mentoring programs that several virtual schools developed to support new instructors. Successful mentoring programs are key in developing effective new virtual school teachers and to offer a strong model for collaboration and improvement with experienced faculty coaches.

Teachers who use these approaches are seen as progressive and involved educators, in my opinion.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Welcome to Commercial Property!

Hi, welcome to my new blog, Commercial Property. This blog is a place where you may find interesting tidbits like news and entertainment and of course, my personal perspective on things.
You will also find advertisements on services and products you may want. I accept payment for these advertisements and or endorsements. Please use your judgement as a consumer.