Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Online Tool from U.S. Preventive Medicine Helps Individuals Promote and Maintain Healthier Lifestyles

At a time when growing numbers of Americans want to improve their health, here is a perfect New Year's gift of real and lasting value -- a subscription to The Prevention Plan, a new online wellness and health management tool.

Developed by U.S. Preventive Medicine, the leader in disease prevention, The Prevention Plan is the first-of-its kind health program solely focused on preventive care. The program enables individuals to determine their top health risks and receive a customized plan and ongoing personal attention to lower those risks and become healthier.

With this tool, individuals prioritize their health risks through a comprehensive health evaluation that includes a health risk questionnaire, blood tests, biometrics, and physician review and recommendations. At the heart of the intervention strategy is a nurse advocate who works closely with participants by telephone and online to boost the effectiveness of the program's hands-on action plans. The advocate also educates, motivates, and helps participants navigate the complex maze of healthcare.

Other tools include alerts for preventive screenings, reward programs, and discounts with national partners.

"Even as Americans are reining in spending in response to current economic conditions, record numbers of them are expressing an interest in taking better care of themselves and lowering their ever-rising healthcare costs," said Christopher Fey, Chairman and CEO of U.S. Preventive Medicine. "The Prevention Plan is the perfect tool to help them achieve both of those goals."

U.S. Preventive Medicine designed the program to become a private, secure, online depository for individuals to store their medical information and track their progress over time. Since The Prevention Plan is independent of other forms of insurance, all information is completely confidential.

A monthly subscription to The Prevention Plan is $29.45 per month. For more information, please visit www.thepreventionplan.com

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Longevity Seekers Advised to Consume Modest Doses of Red Wine Molecules in Dietary Supplements Rather than Mega-Dose Resveratrol Alone

According to the latest science, resveratrol pill users are best advised to consume modest doses of resveratrol plus an array of antioxidant molecules as typically provided in 3 to 5 glasses of aged, red wine, rather than resveratrol alone.

The most recent study shows mega-dose resveratrol alone fails to prolong the life of laboratory mice. In fact, mega-doses shortened the life of animals compared to a standard calorie diet with no resveratrol.
"While resveratrol an antioxidant molecule concentrated in red wine (about 1 milligram per glass), is touted for its health properties, partially explaining the French Paradox (why French wine drinkers have cardiac mortality rates 30% lower than North Americans despite their high-calorie, high-fat diets), it is not the sole molecule responsible for longevity," says Bill Sardi, spokesperson for Longevinex(R), a leading brand of resveratrol dietary supplement.

"The total array of red wine molecules found in the best red wine, about 60 milligrams per 5-ounce glass, or 180-300 milligrams in 3 to 5 glasses, is the suggested healthy dosage range," says Sardi.

Consistently, studies show modest doses of red wine lower mortality rates over abstention or over-consumption. [American Journal Epidemiology 1986 Sep; 124(3):481-9] Red wine pills offer the advantage of no alcohol, no calories or sulfite preservatives.

The negative effect upon lifespan with mega-dose resveratrol may emanate from over-inhibition of tumor necrosis factor (TNF), an inflammatory factor. Excessive TNF leads to inflammation, while too little impairs the immune system, says Sardi.

"We know that over-inhibition of TNF in humans increases the risk for lymphoma (cancer that originates in lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell)," says Sardi.
"When laboratory mice were given mega-dose resveratrol they did not live as long and largely succumbed to lymphoma. Resveratrol is a known TNF inhibitor," adds Sardi.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Borders and Waldenbooks Stores to Host New Year's Eve Parties for Kids

Most Borders and Waldenbooks stores will host free, family-friendly New Year's Eve parties for kids on Wednesday, Dec. 31, beginning at 2 p.m. The events will include fun New Year's-themed activities for kids of all ages and are a great opportunity for families to spend an enjoyable -- and affordable -- afternoon together.

The parties will kick off with age-appropriate arts and crafts activities, including coloring for younger children and projects that invite older children to create their own New Year's Eve party hats, noisemakers and countdown clocks. Next, kids seven and under will have a story time, during which they will enjoy beloved classics such as "Goodnight Moon," "Corduroy" and "Harold and the Purple Crayon."

While the younger crowd settles in for story time, older children can participate in seasonally themed activities -- a brief foreign language lesson that teaches kids how to say "Happy New Year" in Japanese, Italian, Turkish, Swahili and a variety of other languages and a "predict the future" game that encourages kids to think about what will happen in 2009. The party will also include a festive parade, giving kids a chance to sing and show off their party hats and noisemakers, and -- since no New Year's Eve party is complete without a countdown -- kids will wrap-up the party by counting down from ten and ringing in the new year a few hours early.

In honor of the party, the Seattle's Best Coffee cafes -- located in nearly all Borders superstores -- will be offering free samples of beverages and baked goods throughout the event. To find out if your local store is hosting a New Year's Eve party for kids, click the Store Locator tab on Borders.com and search for your favorite store, then click on the store's page to view a list of upcoming events.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Events in Chicago Christmas weekend

Friday - Dec 26
Jersey Boys
2:00 PM - LaSalle Bank Theatre (formerly Shubert)
Invite friends | Buy tickets

7:00 PM - The Pearl Room
Invite friends | Buy tickets

Chrisette Michele
7:30 PM - House of Blues - Chicago
Invite friends | Buy tickets

Philadelphia Flyers at Chicago Blackhawks
7:30 PM - United Center
Invite friends | Buy tickets

Jersey Boys
8:00 PM - LaSalle Bank Theatre (formerly Shubert)
Invite friends | Buy tickets

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The New Global Elite

Newsweek's First List of 50 People Who Will Change the World

Newsweek's first ever list of the world's 50 most powerful people lays out a roadmap for how the world works today. The December 29, 2008-January 5, 2009 double issue, "The New Global Elite" (on newsstands Monday, December 22), opens with an essay by Editor, Jon Meacham who looks at the history of power, how it is earned and how it transforms those who have it. Meacham also explains how the list of new global elite was determined.

Newsweek correspondents from around the world put together a highly subjective list of the most powerful people who will figure in the era over which President-Elect Barack Obama will preside.

"It is arbitrary, but the choices are well-considered, and each, we believe, represents a thread in the new global tapestry," Meacham said.
"Some are utterly surprising; others are not. Perhaps most important, each meets the test of power as we have just defined it: they are men and women who are either in the business of bending others to their will or who are seeking to rearrange reality in ways they find more congenial. They are in command, or they seek control (and there is, naturally, more than a little overlap; the features are not mutually exclusive)."

The list of fifty is made up of global figures who were not selected to delineate an elite based on wealth, social class, or educational credentials.

"The figures in this issue are global, and they are chosen on merit," Meacham adds.

"Many of the names here, it is true, are well-off, move in what might be considered high circles and went to celebrated schools. But many began life in obscurity (see, for instance, the 44th president of the United States) and have risen to prominence through a combination of determination and good fortune."

The list includes:

-- Barack Obama. Newsweek International Editor Fareed Zakaria breaks down what the newly elected 44th President of the United States will need to do to become a truly influential figure.

-- Ben Bernanke, Jean-Claude Trichet and Masaaki Shirakawa. Contributing Editor Robert J. Samuelson explores why a trio of central bankers will likely decide the fate of the global economy next year.

-- Hillary and Bill Clinton. Senior Editor Jonathan Alter looks at how the most powerful couple in politics may find the times suited to their unmatched skills.

-- Osama bin Laden. Despite having kept a low profile recently, and lost many of his top lieutenants, his ideology continues to inflict monstrous harm.

-- John Lasseter. Assistant Editor Jennie Yabroff explains why Pixar's animation chief has immense soft power and why escapist fare does well in recessions.

-- Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. Abu Dhabi's ruler has something everyone wants right now -- cash with which to invest in ailing blue-chip companies.

-- E.A. Adeboye. Senior Editor Lisa Miller looks Nigeria's most successful preacher and the wildfire spread of Pentecostalism, the world's fastest growing religion.

-- Vladimir Putin. Russia's leader talks a big game and has the military to back it up, but faces a softening economy as oil prices plummet

-- Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Iran's Supreme Leader is the real force to be reckoned with in Tehran.

-- Shahrukh Khan. Bollywood's biggest star spreads a message of openness and tolerance to some of the world's most closed societies.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

"The History of Howard Stern Act II" to Air Exclusively on SIRIUS XM Radio

Act II of the award-winning series celebrating the life and career of 'The King of all Media' showcases the beginning of Stern's meteoric rise

Rare audio from Howard's personal vault plus exclusive new interviews with David Letterman, Jon Bon Jovi, William Shatner, Joan Rivers and other celebrities

SIRIUS XM Radio announced this week that it will broadcast The History of Howard Stern Act II, a rare behind-the-scenes look at the life, career and achievements of Howard Stern.

The History of Howard Stern Act II picks up after Howard's firing at WNBC in 1985 and takes an in depth look at the beginning of Howard's legendary run at K-Rock. It premieres on December 22nd at 6:00 am ET on Howard 100 and 6:00 am PT on Howard 101, through January 2nd.

The History of Howard Stern Act II will air in 10 separate original parts, with one installment airing each day that week and replaying continuously all day, night plus weekends. Howard 100 and Howard 101 are available on XM Radio as part of "The Best of SIRIUS" package.

"The History of Howard Stern Act II is an epic broadcast that will blow fans away," said Stern. "This is history recreated and brought to life. This could only be done on SIRIUS XM."

"Howard Stern is the most innovative broadcaster of our time," said Scott Greenstein, President and Chief Content Officer, SIRIUS XM Radio. "The History of Howard Stern is a behind-the-scenes look at the years that made Howard 'The King of all Media.'"

Act II highlights include the arrivals of Stern Show favorites Sam Kinison and Jessica Hahn; The Channel 9 Show; The FCC Freedom Rally; plus the infamous "funeral" for Philadelphia radio personality John DeBella.

Narrated by Jim Forbes, the famed voice of VH-1s Behind the Music, The History of Howard Stern Act II features a vast array of rare, never-before heard audio plus exclusive interviews and commentary from Howard, The Stern Show staff, family, former colleagues as well as the celebrities who have witnessed Stern's meteoric rise to superstardom firsthand including David Letterman, Jon Bon Jovi, Alec Baldwin, William Shatner, Richard Belzer, John Stamos, Jessica Hahn, Andrew Dice Clay, Richard Simmons, Joe Walsh, Richard Lewis, Joan Rivers, Gilbert Gottfried, Sandra Bernhard, David Brenner, Norm MacDonald, Carly Simon, Penn Jillette, Dee Snider and more.

Visit www.sirius.com/howardstern for a behind-the-scenes look at The History of Howard Stern Act II.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

'Christmas at St. Michael's Abbey' the Perfect Holiday Gift to Soothe the Soul

Chants for the Three Masses of Christmas Performed by the Norbertine Fathers of St. Michael's Abbey

ORANGE COUNTY, Calif., Dec. 8 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- In a musical journey that brings calm and reverence to the beauty of the holiday season, the Norbertine Fathers of St. Michael's Abbey raise their voices in song on their first recording of Gregorian chant. The CD is called Christmas at St. Michael's Abbey: Chants for the Three Masses of Christmas.

Available just in time for the holiday season, the album, released by Jade Music, was recorded on site by the Norbertine Fathers in the Abbey's small church in Silverado, CA.

All royalties received by St. Michael's Abbey from the sale of the album are donated to St. Michael's Abbey Expansion Project. Having discovered that the Abbey and its other buildings on site are situated on geographically unstable ground, the community of Norbertines must relocate. This is a major fund-raising project, as the construction of a new abbey, preparatory school, and housing facilities is currently underway.

Sung in Latin, the Gregorian chants include Introit, Gradual, Alleluia, Prose, Offertory and Communion for all three Christmas Masses (Midnight, Dawn & Day) as they are sung at St. Michael's Abbey. After centuries of use, these chants still retain their sacramental quality, supple vigor, and ability to dispose the soul for the contemplation of God and His Mysteries.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Physicians catch high percentage of skin cancers at Women's Dermatologic Society screening

In a region saturated with sunshine, South Florida physicians won the attention of appreciative golf enthusiasts at the recent ADT Championship LPGA Playoffs in West Palm Beach with free skin cancer screenings and sun safety education presented by the Women's Dermatologic Society (WDS).
Local dermatologists conducted skin examinations for 249 spectators, LPGA Tour caddies and members of the media, with 36% of individuals screened referred for further diagnosis or biopsy of suspicious sites on the skin.
A team of local dermatologists volunteered for a busy weekend of screenings, sun damage assessments, and sun safety education for crowds of the sunbelt's golf lovers.
This effort chalks up the year's fifth and final outreach event for the Women's Dermatologic Society's Play Safe in the Sun, the 3-year community service campaign presented in collaborative partnership with L'Oreal USA.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Start 2009 with The Chopra Center's Signature Self-Empowerment Workshop

This January, 7-11 in San Diego's gentle sunshine, The Chopra Center for Wellbeing will present its most exclusive life-transforming workshop, "SynchroDestiny," led by best-selling authors, self-help experts, and Chopra Center co-founders, Drs. Deepak Chopra and David Simon.

For more than a decade, "SynchroDestiny" has been one of The Chopra Center's most popular programs, designed for those who want to increase their personal fulfillment and take their life to the next level.

"'SynchroDestiny' is a unique program that dives deeply into the principles for true success and fulfillment," said Deepak Chopra.

"This January in San Diego, participants will learn how to move beyond limiting conditioned beliefs, discover their own creative potential, and achieve their greatest goals and dreams. We will also teach specific tools and techniques for calming emotional turbulence and cultivating the clarity and peace of mind that allows us to be alert to the opportunities and possibilities that make life magical."

"SynchroDestiny" will be presented in the luxurious accommodations of La Costa Resort & Spa in northern San Diego. Each day guests will enjoy group meditations and yoga classes led by certified Chopra Center instructors, dine on delicious Ayurvedic lunches prepared from "The Chopra Center Cookbook" -- and experience morning and afternoon sessions with Deepak Chopra and David Simon.

"This January while much of the United States is experiencing sub-zero weather and snow, San Diego's spectacular climate remains warm and inviting," said David Simon. "At 'SynchroDestiny' in San Diego, guests will get to start the New Year in one of the country's most beautiful destinations as they learn how to move beyond obstacles and create the life they truly want."

The Chopra Center is offering special group discounted pricing for friends and family to attend "SynchroDestiny" together. For more information, please call 888.736.6895 or visit http://www.chopra.com/synchro

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Madonna Stars in the New Louis Vuitton Advertising Campaign Spring/Summer 2009

Following his acclaimed Spring/Summer 2009 ready-to-wear show for Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs knew exactly who he wanted to embody the spirit of the season: Madonna should be the face of Louis Vuitton's Spring/Summer fashion campaign.

The iconic pop star was photographed by her long-time creative
collaborator Steven Meisel, the first time the influential fashion
photographer has shot a campaign for Louis Vuitton. The chemistry between the two is evident as - in a sepia-toned setting reminiscent of a Paris café in the Forties, with its zinc bar, bentwood chairs and air thick with smoke -
Madonna transforms into Marc Jacobs' vision of the quintessential Parisienne, striking provocative poses in the season's sexy short skirts, ethnic-inspired sandals and animal-print bangles.
"I wanted the campaign to be very bold, very sensual and very
atmospheric. To carry off all these references and all this sophistication, we needed the ultimate performer - and for me, that is Madonna," says Marc Jacobs.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holiday Visitors Will Pedal to Light the 2009 Sign With Battery Power on New Year's Eve

For the first time ever, people can honestly say they helped power the New Year! Visitors to the Duracell Power Lodge in Times Square will have the opportunity to "put the pedal to the metal" and create the energy that will be used to fill batteries and power the iconic numerals 2-0-0-9 that light up as the New Year's Ball drops and the clock strikes midnight.
To capture the energy needed to illuminate "2009," Duracell is inviting guests to the Duracell Power Lodge at the Charmin Restrooms in Times Square to hop on a snowmobike to generate power. The snowmobikes operate through rotary technology, capturing energy through the spinning wheel when the bike is pedaled. From there, power is routed into the Duracell Battery Center where it will be stored until New Year's Eve and trusted to light the night's most important moment.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ThinkFun Announces 36 Cube Contest to Challenge Puzzlers and Benefit Schools Nationwide

Need a fun challenge to beat the winter doldrums? ThinkFun, Inc., a leader in educational games, today announced a way to entertain and challenge minds while giving back to schools with the 36 CUBE Contest.

The first 36 puzzlers who can demonstrate they solved the 36 CUBE puzzle correctly will win a ThinkFun Game Club Kit for the school of their choice -- and have the glory of solving what is quite possibly the world's most challenging puzzle.

The contest begins December 2 and ends December 31, 2008. Entrants must prove they solved the 36 CUBE by submitting two photos -- one showing the completed top of the puzzle and another showing a completed side of the same puzzle.

The first 36 people to do so will be named winners, receiving a ThinkFun Game Club Kit to be donated to the school of their choice. Each Game Club Kit has an approximate retail value of $360.00 and is comprised of an assortment of problem-solving games and puzzles that bring fun and learning to the classroom.

"With the 36 CUBE Contest, contestants are not only able to show off their problem-solving skills, they also have the chance to give back to schools in an exciting and unique way," said Bill Ritchie, CEO and Founder of ThinkFun, Inc.

"This contest embodies our mission to challenge kids and adults to become better thinkers, and to develop the deduction skills that they can carry with them throughout life."

36 CUBE is available for the suggested retail price of $24.99 at Barnes & Noble, Calendar Club, specialty toy stores and www.ThinkFun.com. For official contest rules and details, visit www.thinkfun.com/36cube/contest.html.

ThinkFun, Inc., located in Alexandria, VA, is the leading creator of mind-challenging games. Since 1985.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

5min VideoSeed offers how-to videos

Semantic technology allows publishers to match relevant, ad-supported instructional videos to their lifestyle, knowledge and information textual sites, 5min, (www.5min.com), a leading destination site and distributor of online how-to videos, last week announced its VideoSeed semantic syndication platform for instructional and knowledge video programming now reaches more than 110 million unique users a month via its vast network of comprehensive knowledge and information syndication partner sites. 5min pairs brand advertising with tens of thousands of professionally-produced, niche-specific "how-to" titles produced and licensed from hundreds of content partners for semantic delivery via the VideoSeed platform.

5min has closed syndication deals with horizontal sites such as Answers.com, wikiHow, Wikia and Articlesbase as well as vertical sites including Tim Carter's Ask the Builder, Recipe4Living and Pregnancy.org. Concurrently, 5Min has closed content agreements with Ford Models, Kiplinger's, Elle, Car & Driver, Petside, Britannica, Big Think, WatchMojo, Road & Track, Woman's Day and others.

5min believes VideoSeed's value proposition to brands lies in the idea that instructional content provides an ideal opportunity to advertise given how-to video audiences tend to be more engaged in the content and are typically close to making purchasing decisions.

The innovative approach taken by 5min evolves the model initially pioneered by broadcast cable networks for a broadband cable generation: Delivering relevant professionally-produced programming to passionate vertical audiences.

Unlike user-generated video sites, all 5min content is reviewed, filtered and meta-tagged prior to syndication. The VideoSeed proprietary semantic technology crawls the text of every syndication partner's site ensuring only the most relevant, contextual videos are served to each individual page, thereby integrating 5min's content deep within the site itself. Videos are streamed through 5min's proprietary SmartPlayer(TM) enabling a viewing experience unmatched in the industry.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Free Online Career Development Course Now Available

With financial support and assistance from Microsoft Corp.'s U.S. Partners in Learning, students across the nation now have access to CareerForward, a powerful, free online course covering globalization, career planning, financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

CareerForward empowers students in middle and high school to take charge of their own education, career path and future prosperity.

Global education leaders from more than 30 nations are learning how to implement this program in their home countries this week at the School of the Future World Summit in Seattle hosted by Microsoft Corp.
Microsoft, Michigan Department of Education and Michigan Virtual University offer CareerForward to help students prepare for a 21st-century workplace.

Increasingly, multinational corporations are seeking young people who possess a global perspective and an appreciation that their academic preparation is vital to their future.

Students who take the new online CareerForward course will better understand the crucial importance of their education and have the ability to improve their motivation and choices in high school and college.
Students, parents and teachers can access the course at http://review.careerforward.org/careerforward.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Triplepaste.com offers diaper rash tips

For the parents of the millions of diaper-clad babies, the winter months can mean cute little red outfits, cute little red button noses, and not-so-cute and oh-so-painful little red bottoms. Most don't think about their baby's skin health until sunscreen season comes around again.

But they should. Anecdotal evidence indicates that when the temperature plunges, the prevalence and severity of diaper rash increases. Primary care pediatricians see a jump in the number of parents bringing in babies with sore bottoms, and sales of over-the-counter diaper rash treatments peak when it's coldest -- from October through March.

"Diaper rash is the most common skin condition affecting babies and young children, and if it's not treated quickly and effectively, both the baby ... and the parents ... suffer," said Lawrence Eichenfield, MD, a leading pediatric dermatologist and chief of Pediatric and Adolescent Dermatology at Rady Children's Hospital and Health Center in San Diego, and Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine (Dermatology) at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine.

"In the winter, diaper rash can be more problematic. Parents are simply not aware that the risk increases as the temperature decreases," he said.

Caused by a combination of trapped moisture, irritants and the friction of a diaper against tender skin, diaper rash can be more problematic in the winter because parents tend to bundle up their babies to keep them warm - and unwittingly create the perfect warm, moist environment for diaper rash.

And, babies become sick more often in the winter because they spend more time indoors, exposed to viruses, colds and other pathogens.

"When a baby is sick and has diarrhea, a miserable case of diaper rash can certainly follow, because diarrhea irritates an already sensitive diaper area," said Dr. Eichenfield.

"And, medications often prescribed for children during the winter months -- like antibiotics to treat infections -can cause diarrhea and contribute to diaper rashes. Diaper rash is a common side effect of antibiotic treatment," he said.

Since the winter season is upon us, it's important for parents to be aware of the heightened risk of diaper rash, and to take steps now to take charge of their baby's skin health.

Summers Labs established the Rash-O-Meter Diaper Rash Severity Index to educate and inform parents about the increased risk of diaper rash during the winter, and to provide tips on prevention and treatment. The Index is based on relative risk during the winter, with a baseline of "mild" during the three previous seasons.

The 192nd edition of the Farmer's Almanac predicts the winter of 2008-2009 will bring above-average snowfall and lower than normal temperatures--thusly more diaper rash.

"We expect this season to be moderate to severe in terms of diaper rash risk. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the risk and to treat uncomplicated diaper rash safely and effectively," he added.

Prevention and Treatment of Diaper Rash
Following are tips to prevent and treat diaper rash:
1. Do not overdress your baby - layer just enough to stay warm.
2. Avoid restrictive clothing and plastic pants ... at all times.
3. Change diapers frequently, keep diaper area clean and dry (a coating of
cornstarch works well).
4. Give baby's bottom some "air time" without a diaper to reduce
diaper-to-skin friction and promote healing.
5. Apply a thin coating of a medicated, non-prescription ointment
containing zinc oxide -- like Triple Paste(R) Medicated Ointment -- at
diaper changes, after bath and before bed to provide protection from
irritation and promote healing.
6. Treat mild diaper rash early, before it becomes a bigger problem.
7. If your doctor prescribes antibiotics for your child, make sure you
have a premium over-the-counter diaper rash ointment like Triple Paste
handy. Start using it at the first sign of irritation, or as soon as
you administer the first dose.
8. Keep the ointment in multiple locations -- a tube in the nursery, a
tube in the diaper bag, a tube at daycare.
9. If diaper rash does not clear up in a few days, or worsens
dramatically, contact your pediatrician.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Celebrities Kick Off Their Shoes to Help America's Shores

As the holiday season approaches, what better time to put your best foot forward and give back to the causes and organizations you care about? The Barefoot Wine Beach Rescue Project is hosting an online charity auction of shoes belonging to beach-loving celebrities in an effort to raise awareness and generate funds to support the Surfrider Foundation -- a grassroots, not-for-profit environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's oceans, waves and beaches.

To create the collection, Barefoot Wine asked actors, athletes and musicians to help "heel" America's beaches by kicking off their shoes and donating them in support of more "barefoot-friendly" beaches.

Notable surfing enthusiasts going barefoot for the cause include: actors Matthew McConaughey, Cameron Diaz, Sophia Bush and Andrew Keegan, athletes Kelly Slater and Lisa Andersen, Host of E!'s Daily Ten and the X-Games Sal Masekela and musicians Jack Johnson, G. Love (of G. Love and Special Sauce), Matt Costa, Nick Hexum (of 311) and Tristan Prettyman.

The autographed shoes will be listed on eBay's Giving Works, which empowers people to buy and sell for a cause. The charity auction will begin at 4:00pm PST on Tuesday, December 2 and end on Friday, December 12. Visit www.eBay.com/BarefootWine to view the collection of shoes and place your bids.