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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Free Online Career Development Course Now Available

With financial support and assistance from Microsoft Corp.'s U.S. Partners in Learning, students across the nation now have access to CareerForward, a powerful, free online course covering globalization, career planning, financial literacy and entrepreneurship.

CareerForward empowers students in middle and high school to take charge of their own education, career path and future prosperity.

Global education leaders from more than 30 nations are learning how to implement this program in their home countries this week at the School of the Future World Summit in Seattle hosted by Microsoft Corp.
Microsoft, Michigan Department of Education and Michigan Virtual University offer CareerForward to help students prepare for a 21st-century workplace.

Increasingly, multinational corporations are seeking young people who possess a global perspective and an appreciation that their academic preparation is vital to their future.

Students who take the new online CareerForward course will better understand the crucial importance of their education and have the ability to improve their motivation and choices in high school and college.
Students, parents and teachers can access the course at http://review.careerforward.org/careerforward.