Tuesday, September 13, 2011

International alarm over euro zone crisis grows | Reuters

International alarm over euro zone crisis grows Reuters

German Chancellor Angela Merkel sends the markets into a tizzy...the 17-nation Euro should stablilize but Greece would have to file bankruptcy--something that financial experts (Citigroup) said will lead to "fianacial and economic disaster." Wow.

Wine & Dine leads to Job

Birkshire Hathaway owner closed his business as a hedge fund manager to accept a position with Warren Buffet after bidding two years in a row millions of dollars on a private dinner with the man!

GOP, Congress on notice over American (People) Jobs Act, not the President

President Obama is for the people.

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President Obama seems to be the only politician who cares and is doing something to get the American People back to work and yes, we the People have noticed that. Fair share tax talk is what have certain folks arms up in a panic, not the Jobs Act. I have never seen in modern times, a bigger group of people willing to take from the poor to preserve the rich than I have now. It is a shame. Help the president help the People, please. Those of us down at the bottom are who fuel this economy because we are here, stateside all of the time. We live where we work and we buy where we live and where we work. We, the American People complete this circle. This country needs to start producing again and we can all come up one step. How much profit is really needed to be wealthy and superwealthy? Who of your wealthy and superwealthy friends would notice any type of fall-off when you all rise and fall together? Oh, I see, your wealthy and superwealthy European, Asian, Turkish, Mediterranean Middle Eastern, African or Hispanic counterparts would notice. Personally, I think they would follow your example because American wealth is always center stage.

After a certain superwealthy earning point, you are only showing off your wealth and in these turbulent economic times isn’t conspicuous wealth a bit gauche? (Especially with the eyes of your constituency staring darts into your growing pocketbook!)

GOP, Congress, please help the president finance this American Jobs Act. Remember, people are a much friendlier when they have money and quick access to money. Fewer complaints, more votes and you guys can go back to whatever it was that you were doing up there on the Hill and we can go back to shopping at our favorite department stores and running up credit card debt, starting businesses, hiring people and the general act of buying and selling that makes my capitalist country great. If you don’t help, we the People will be sitting around broke, grouchy, monitoring the news, monitoring the Hill and reexamining how we cast our votes and for whom the votes are cast. Remember sweeties, perception is everything and you guys live in a translucent bubble!

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